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we have a simple booking system and transparent terms of cooperation
we have been on the market since 2009
we offer prices equal to or even lower than directly from shipowners
we cooperate with over several dozen shipowners from different countries
we sail around the world - with us you will visit the most popular destinations

Barge charter with Houseboat Navigator

We invite you to use the Houseboat Navigator booking system. We have been dealing with barge charters since 2009. Thanks to many years of experience and the gradual expansion of our base, we can offer you the services of a large number of shipowners in many locations.

We offer barge charter in countries such as France (including Anjou, Aquitaine, Brittany, Lot, Loire Valley, Alsace, Burgundy, Camargue, Franche Comte, Canal du Midi, Saône Valley). Beautiful landscape, attractive monuments, favorable climate and, of course, French cuisine - these are the undoubted advantages of this country.

For those who like a little more challenge on the water, locks, bridges and sailing culture, we offer barge charters in the Netherlands.

Lovers of luxury will probably like Finland and local barges equipped with saunas. Great destinations for cruises on Europe's inland waterways are Italy, and more specifically the Venetian Riviera.

Quick and convenient access by car is an undoubted advantage of our close and slightly distant neighbors. Barge charter in Germany (e.g. Brandenburg, Mecklenburg) and Hungary (e.g. Tokaj, Tisza) is an option worth considering for motorized groups.

Secret seekers will probably be happy to charter in Scotland, where the route leads us through Loch Ness, inhabited by a mythical creature. And lovers of fries, chocolate and beer should definitely visit Belgium. In Portugal, we can swim on the Grande Lago, the largest lake of this country. In Ireland, in addition to swimming on a barge, you can sit in one of the local pubs in the evening and enjoy Guinness.

In order to check all sailing directions, please go to the list of available locations or simply use the charter search engine. Our prices are identical, and often lower than the official prices proposed by shipowners. If you have a non-standard inquiry or would like to receive an individual offer, please use the Quick Inquiry button at the top of the page.

We always respond quickly, and we are at your disposal at any time.
We invite you to use our services!



England is a perfect place for all canal barge enthusiasts. To all lovers of historical adventures a cruise on the river Thames will be an enrapturing experience. Abundant majestic historic buildings, medieval cathedrals, and atmospheric towns blending in with beauty of wildlife create here an...

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France, which is sometimes called “the Hexagon”, has naturally delineated borders. In the south it is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, in the north – by the English Channel (La Manche in French), while in the east and west it is bordered by the Bay of Biscay and the river Rhine,...

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The Netherlands is a country commonly associated with wooden windmills, tulips and lots of fun. It is also a paradise for all canal barge enthusiasts since almost 20% of its whole territory is cut by sailing routes. It is good to know that sailing on barges is a very attractive pastime which does...

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With a wide range of idyllic natural ports, marinas with hi-tech equipment, and a well-organised sailing base, Germany is a perfect destination for all lovers of water sports. The basin of the Baltic Sea abounds in islets, Dutch straits, ports, beaches, as well as old towns and fishing settlements.

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The Baltic coast and the Masurian Lake District are still one of the most eagerly visited places by Polish sailors and foreigners. Tourists are encouraged to come here by amazing beaches, interesting historical places, rich nature, unique folklore, and exquisite cuisine.

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Portugal constitutes the edge of Europe. Every year it is visited by several million tourists who come here attracted by the mild Mediterranean climate, salty Atlantic air, clean beaches, and rich historical heritage. What also makes them visit the country is the chance to relish the seafood, and...

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