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Brig Eagle 650 (0 cabins)
Croatia, Northern Dalmatia, Biograd
DŁ. 6.50 m
WIEK 3 years
OKRES 7 days
750 € rabat 36%
Sun Odyssey 32 (2 cabins)
Croatia, Northern Dalmatia, Murter
DŁ. 10.22 m
WIEK 12 years
OKRES 7 days
800 € rabat 30%
Dufour 350 GL (3 cabins)
Croatia, Northern Dalmatia, Biograd
DŁ. 10.28 m
WIEK 4 years
OKRES 7 days
880 € rabat 36%



A rocky landscape, a Mediterranean climate, islets covered with pine forests, and towns full of hidden gems of architecture – all of this, along with the marinas at the world quality level, make Croatia a perfect destination for holidays under the sails.

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Greece is a country with a hugely varied coastline with many islands. It owes its favourable climate and high sun exposure to the fact that it is located in the most southern part of the Balkan Peninsula. Almost all Greek islands provide perfect conditions for holidays and water sports.

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It is a lovely country located on the Iberian Peninsula in the Southwest Europe. A warm climate and unique tourist attractions make Spain a hugely popular holiday destination. A chance to organize a variety of water-related events and activities is one of the most interesting forms of leisure...

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Balearic Islands

Thanks to their natural diversity, the Balearic Islands are unique and unearthly beautiful. What makes them so exceptional are a wonderful climate, idyllic cays, beautiful beaches, bustling marinas and towns, picturesque coasts, mountainous landscapes, and a whole mixture of various cultures:...

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Canary Islands

It is a place where summer lasts all year long and the sun shines 340 days a year. A destination with a perfect microclimate for European visitors. The warmest region in the whole Europe, where temperature in winter does not fall below 19 °C, while in the spring and summer season, due to cool...

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Turkey is not only a paradise for enthusiasts of holidays under the white sails, but also an extremely attractive destination for the people preoccupied with relics of the past, Oriental culture, and abundance of historical buildings and places of interest it hides. A feast of colours at the...

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It is a special place for sailors. Great weather, pristine beaches, the azure sea, and a slow rhythm of the day…what more can a sailor need, when at the same time in Europe winter sets in? The Caribbean is simply a Sailing Paradise.

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Największa wyspa na Morzu Śródziemnym (25 400 km²), leżąca na południowy zachód od Półwyspu Apenińskiego, od którego oddziela ją jedynie wąska Cieśnina Mesyńska. Wyspę zamieszkuje około 5 milionów mieszkańców. Razem z wyspami: Wyspy Liparyjskie, Egady, Wyspy Pelagijskie i...

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Situated fabulously in the centre of the Indian Ocean, the Seychelles is just perfect for all the people who want to enjoy unadulterated wildlife while on holiday under the white sails. It is commonly said that the number of shades of blue and green that one can observe on the island virtually...

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A country famous for pasta, olive oil, pizza, sun and, above all, magnificent architecture, fabulous coasts, plenty of islands, and breath-taking landscapes. A long coastline, a Mediterranean climate and well-equipped marinas each year attract sailors from all over the world.

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