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England - yacht charter, tourist guide, descriptions, routes, photos

Yacht charter England England England is a perfect place for all canal barge enthusiasts. To all lovers of historical adventures a cruise on the river Thames will be an enrapturing experience. Abundant majestic historic buildings, medieval cathedrals, and atmospheric towns blending in with beauty of wildlife create here an unusually picturesque landscape.

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England is one of the countries belonging to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Comprising the major part of the island, it shares land borders with Scotland to the north and Wales to the west. It also includes about 100 smaller islands such as The Isle of Scilly and The Isle of Wight. In the northwest, England is surrounded by the Irish Sea, while in the southwest – by the Celtic Sea and the Alantic. To the east of the country lies the North Sea, and to the south – the English Channel.

England comprises around two thirds of the whole island and is inhabited by 51m people (84% of the whole population of Great Britain!). The capital of both England and the whole kingdom is London, its largest city. The northwest of the country is characterised by its steep cliff coasts which contrast with plain and accumulative coastal forms typical of central and eastern England. On English coasts occur high tides of as much as 15 metres in the Severn Estuary, the place with the second highest tides in the world after the Bay of Fundy. England’s most important rivers are the Thames, Mersey and Tyne, at the mouth of which lie the ports of London, Liverpool and Newcastle, respectively. At high tide, the water level increases and sea vessels can sail in the lower courses of these rivers.

England has a well-developed ferry transport system and its main destinations include Ireland, the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Spain. Navigable rivers, canals and docks which span over 7,100 km. The central waterway of inland sailing constitutes the River Thames.

The country has a temperate maritime climate. Temperatures do not fall much below 0 °C in winter, and are rarely higher than 30 °C in summer. The climate is also characteristic for its humidity. Its coldest months are January and February, the warmest one – July. June, September and October are months with the most favourable weather conditions, when temperatures are moderate and rainfall is less frequent. Such weather conditions are also good for sailing. They make a stay in this country, changeable in terms of weather, a more pleasurable experience. What is more, the climate in England is affected by the Gulf Stream ocean current that brings warmth to the UK from the northwest and raises average annual temperatures in Northern Europe.

The distinctive features of English cuisine are its simplicity, practicality and ease of preparation. First and foremost – dishes should be filling. The Sunday roast is an exemplary English meal consisting of roasted meat, potatoes and accompaniments such as Yorkshire pudding, gravy, and vegetables. Other dishes including Fish and chips to roast lamb with mint sauce are also popular. A traditional English breakfast consists of bacon, eggs, sausages, tomatoes, some mushrooms and baked beans in tomato sauce. Besides, it may also include toasts with butter and jam, oatmeal, cereals with milk, coffee, tea, fruit juice and various sauces.