Belgium is commonly associated with chocolate (its origins are traced there) and hundreds of types of beer, which will be appreciated by many lovers of this beverage, as well as with original lace, admired by every woman with a non-banal style. Above all however, Belgium is known for its...

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France, which is sometimes called “the Hexagon”, has naturally delineated borders. In the south it is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, in the north – by the English Channel (La Manche in French), while in the east and west it is bordered by the Bay of Biscay and the river Rhine,...

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The Netherlands is a country commonly associated with wooden windmills, tulips and lots of fun. It is also a paradise for all canal barge enthusiasts since almost 20% of its whole territory is cut by sailing routes. It is good to know that sailing on barges is a very attractive pastime which does...

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With a wide range of idyllic natural ports, marinas with hi-tech equipment, and a well-organised sailing base, Germany is a perfect destination for all lovers of water sports. The basin of the Baltic Sea abounds in islets, Dutch straits, ports, beaches, as well as old towns and fishing settlements.

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Situated fabulously in the centre of the Indian Ocean, the Seychelles is just perfect for all the people who want to enjoy unadulterated wildlife while on holiday under the white sails. It is commonly said that the number of shades of blue and green that one can observe on the island virtually...

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